Take your business to
the next level with Handpay


Simplify your payments with our services designed specifically for SMEs

Instant payment

We offer Payment solutions for the small and micro-sized merchants which accept payments, loan products and cash management services.

Get a full view

Manage incoming and outgoing finance with our dashboard. Get a comprehensive view of Capital flow, information flow and business flow on our dashboard.

Boost your Business

Based on your unique business challenge, we design our term loans solution to streamline your financial needs.


Customized Virtual account system to meet enterprises needs

Customized solution

Our Virtual account system desighed for enterprises which provides fast and secure payments and integrate services.


Efficient settlement

Your sales can land in your account faster. You can collect funds automatically on payment dates, which means you’ll be able to predict future revenue for your business.

Smart account

Our systems have the functions of top-up, cash withdrawal, split account, and could be seamlessly integrated into the your existing business platforms.


Make getting paid fast easy with agriculture and farm payment solutions

Extensive service

Expand non-cash payment and settlement services in rural areas to achieve rural economic integration.

Rich user-experience

Add all popular payment methods and give user the best payment experience with one-click payments.

High Security

With our advanced security measures and Chip encryption technology, you will be in control of your cash flow.


Billing and Payment Solutions for Insurance Companies

Various Scenarios

We Offer policyholders a convenient, and secure way to pay their premiums, and reduce the burden associated with payment processing.

High Success Rate

Make it easy for policyholders to pay on the spot, and increase the number of insurance contracts signed on the spot.

Lower cost

Process payments within your existing insurance software through fully integrated solutions leveraging industry leading security with software.


Full range of financial technology SaaS technology services

Extensive financial services

Provide fintech enabling services to Internet finance providers and commercial banks include SaaS offerings, such as account management services, and data-driven value-added services.

Data Intelligence

Provide our clients with business intelligence services that increase the visibility of their key operation trend and enable our clients to optimize their strategy.

Risk Management

Use a cross-industry network of data to accurately identify your customers, reduce false declines, and stay on top of the latest fraud trends.