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With Handpay, it's easy to get paid

Omni Cashier

By harnessing the power of our ERP, you continue to grow your online business

Seamless Integration

With our EPR, you will enjoy flexible features to fit your business with single integration, while maintaining full control our own system.

Data Power

We empower your customers’ needs and behaviors into amazing customer experiences by unleashing your data through connecting your sales and product development.

Quality Management

It’s easy to keep track of things like your catalog inventory and stocks. The information stored and analyzed in the system can be easily customized to fit your company’s needs.

Monitor Accounting

With the right accounting-centric our ERP software capability, the challenge of defining your key demographics will become simple.

Omni Gateway

Experience the all-in-one payments gateway that grows your business any time, and anywhere.

Easy Integration

Our gateway accepts payments from major digital wallets. Add our gateway and give your customers the best payment experience with one-click payment.

Customizable Solution

We provide simple, convenient, and customizable payment solutions which help you run your business and operate efficiently.

Full Functionality

We provide different payment services such as API, SDK and H5, which can be easily added into your existing website, mobile site and app easily.

In-depth data insight

In-depth data insight, use a data-driven approach to block fraud with a unique risk management.

Omni QR

All-in- one QR payment solution. When we are connected, you’re connected

Dynamic Secure

Dynamic QR codes are unique to that transaction improving safety and security. Feel secure with our advanced security and risk management capabilities.


Accept QR payment on our QR code with all popular E-wallet. Customer only needs to scan one QR code for WeChatpay, Alipay, or major digital wallets.

Simplify Marketplace

We use data to customized targeting with matched clients. Reach the people who make buying decisions at your highest value clients.


Your intelligent credit card manager, smartly built for you.

Best Experience

Our APP can analyze automatically, and choose the best option for the best repayment. Create the optimal user experience.

Regular Audits

PCI Level 1 Certified with regular audits. We are authorised by Security Standards Council under PCI DSS Bank Card Data Security.

Funds Management

From Daily life to wealth management, Our APP helps to manage your wealth like a personal financial.

Encrypt Data

Protect your Data with encryption. We offer data security and protection that empower security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment.


Turn a smartphone with NFC into the Smart POS

Connect NFC

You just turn on your phone's NFC function and you can accept payment on your smartphone. Easy to set up, without any need for additional equipment.

Full view

Our online dashboard for merchants to manager their clients, payment, risk, trading value, so you can access detailed transaction data and reporting in one place.

Fraud Detection

Compliant, secure and tightly audited payment platform. Working 24/7, our risk management team monitors and screens each transaction, thus mitigating the risk of fraud.

Apple Pay

Easy Secure Innovation
Apple Pay is a truly ground-breaking payments solution.

Official Payment Service Provider

Handpay is the easiest way to support Apple pay, and we are Apple Pay's PSP in Asia-Pacific region.

A great shopping experience

PCI Level 1 Certified with regular audits. We are authorised by Security Standards Council under PCI DSS Bank Card Data Security.

Security for consumers and merchants

Take advantage of Apple’s Touch ID technology,transactions are simple, smooth and secure.